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Cheers to better beers

Brewing beer is an art that requires patience and attention. Your brewing process must be reliable and efficient — minimizing waste and maximizing the final product. It starts with clear, filtered water going into the mash mixer and removing yeast and sediment downstream. Proper filtration and dissolved gas control can help ensure a stable beer with maximum shelf life, so what goes into the bottle, can or keg is the consistently tasty brew you crafted.

Process map

Here's an example of where filtration and dissolved gas control can enhance your brewing process.


Applications in the brewery

3M filtration is trusted in breweries around the world for performance, convenience and quality. Get efficient and effective solutions, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain systems, and reliable results that maximize production and minimize waste.

Beer haze control

Beer naturally develops a haze from the fermentation process due to yeast and other fines, making particle retention and clarification at the prefiltration stage crucial. 3M filtration products can help eliminate undesirable contaminants as well as provide the right level of haze, without compromising on taste, leaving a clean and clear beer. The prefiltration stage can also protect your final filters for a longer service life.

Featured products for breweries

3M™Zeta Plus™ H

3M™ Zeta Plus™ MH

3M™ High Flow

Gas control

Fast and efficient gas control that hits the spot.

In brewing production, oxygen in water accelerates spoilage and shortens shelf life. It also impacts beer aroma and taste. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen also impact product taste, mouthfeel and appearance. Capable of both adding and removing gases to liquids, 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors provide a versatile, compact, in-line solution that delivers rapid deoxygenation, decarbonation, carbonation, and nitrogenation of liquids to precise concentration levels.

Featured products for dissolved gas control in breweries


DE trap filtration

Trap filters serve two essential functions. First, they reduce extraneous diatomaceous earth (D.E.) fines and yeast that randomly passes from the D.E. filter during normal filter operation. Secondly, trap filters provide additional protection in the event of a process upset if the diatomaceous earth filter malfunctions (startups/screen rupture/overdosing/bypass). The trap filter protects against failure by preventing the yeast and D.E. fines from contaminating downstream equipment and piping as they are difficult to flush out completely.

Featured products for DE Trap Filtration in breweries

3M™ Betapure™ NT

3M™ High Flow

3M™ Betafine™ XL

3M™ Micro-Klean™ RT


Microporous membrane filtration is an excellent method of achieving microbiological stability in the container without the use of chemicals or heat. The organoleptic properties can be preserved until the product is opened—whether weeks or months after filling. 3M provides a cost-effective solution to achieve microbiological stability.

Featured products for Microfiltration for Non-Pasteurized Beer



3M™ 101 Series Integrity Test Device

Water pretreatment

Water, the fundamental ingredient in beer, must be carefully monitored and controlled. Since most breweries aren’t located next to sediment-free mountain springs, process filtration is a vital part of brewing and blending water preparation, bottle/keg washing water and sanitizing water. 3M filtration products have a long history of providing quality water filtration for bottled water and food & beverage companies around the world. 3M provides quality water filtration that can accommodate virtually any design to meet your process requirements.

Featured products for Water Pretreatment in breweries

3M™ High Flow

3M™ Micro-Klean™ RT

3M™ Activated Carbon Filter

3M™ DF Series

Sterile air

Get reliable sterile gas filtration to help protect your beer from airborne contaminants. 3M filtration can be used in tank vents, wort aeration, filling line air/gas applications and other sensitive air/gas locations in the brewery. Validated, sterile air/gas filters from 3M are easily incorporated into brewery operations with 3M filter housings, or retrofitting many existing filter housings.

Featured products for Wort Air/Sterile tank vents in breweries


Hygiene monitoring

Verify that your cleaning is effective and that it's safe to start production in your brewery. Make critical decisions with the right information with 3M hygiene monitoring.

Featured products for Hygiene Monitoring

3M™ Clean Trace™


Key resources

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