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3M™ High Flow Series Filter Cartridge

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  • Proprietary diamond pleat design optimizes usable surface area of the cartridge to maximize filter life

  • Highest flow rate among 3M large format filters allows for operational flexibility to maintain process flow requirements

  • Ergonomic horizontal design with a twist-to-lock handle allows for faster and easier cartridge installation and removal

  • High flow capability enables fewer cartridges, which results in reduced cartridge handling and disposal, reduced filter change-out time and less individual cartridge seal points to help achieve sustainability goals

  • Outside-to-inside flow construction allows for compact housing design

  • Absolute-rated polypropylene filter provides consistent performance, effluent quality and broad chemical compatibility

  • Extensive food contact compliance* *For details related to specific use conditions or limitations for food contact applications, please contact your 3M Representative for more information

  • Looking for a high-quality filter cartridge with inside-outside flow capabilities that can be retrofitted to your existing system? View the 3M™ High Flow HFR Series Filter

3M™ High Flow Series HF and HFM Filter Cartridges offer high efficiency and outside-to-inside flow for food and beverage, industrial water and oil and gas applications. Each cartridge has an ergonomic design and a pleat style that provides a large surface area for a long life with a reduced number of change-outs and labor savings for your application.


3M™ High Flow Series HF and HFM Filter Cartridges provide high flow capability in an outside-to-inside flow path that allows for small housing sizes and reduces the number of cartridges needed for your application, resulting in lower labor costs and a more sustainable solution. With a single open-end design and fewer individual cartridge seal points than 2.5 inch filters, these filter cartridges also help to reduce the chance of fluid bypass.

3M™ High Flow Series Filter Cartridge

3M™ High Flow Series Filter Cartridge

3M™ High Flow Series Filter Cartridge

3M™ High Flow Series Filter Cartridge

High flow capability.Diamond pleat construction.Horizontal set-up.Ergonomic design.

Designed to accommodate high flow rates for industrial applications, 3M™ High Flow Series Filters require fewer filters to maintain your process flow requirements.

Our proprietary diamond pleat design provides large surface area to help maximize filter loading capacity for a long filter life and a reduced number of required change-outs.

3M High Flow Series Filters feature a horizontal ergonomic design in the 40 and 60 inch versions.


Featuring a twist-to lock mechanism, filter change-outs are quick and easy and do not require any special tools or hardware for installation or removal.

3M™ High Flow HF Series Filter Cartridges

These high flow filter cartridges offer great particulate removal and surface filtration for a variety of industrial applications.


3M™ High Flow HFM Series Filter Cartridges

Featuring a thick media, these high flow filters are designed to filter deformables and organics. They also help prevent premature blinding of the filter’s outer surface, promoting fuller utilization of the media for an optimal combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability.

Suggested applications

  1. Industrial: Process water, RO/membrane prefiltration, coolants, nozzle protection, boiler condensate, reclaimed water, waste water

  2. Chemical: Quench water, aqueous salt solutions, final products

  3. Petrochemicals: Waterflooding, produced water, enhanced oil recovery, completion fluids, amine sweetening, final products

  4. Electronics: RO prefiltration, process water

  5. Food and beverage*: Process and blending water, D.E. trap filtration, barrel char removal, prefiltration for final bottling *For details related to specific use conditions or limitations for food contact applications please contact your 3M Representative for more information






Component and Assembly Materials


End Modification

338,338 (Special Thread Design)

Factory ISO Certification

No ISO Certification information available

Factory Integrity Tested


Filter Material


Filter Technology


Filter Type


Flow Rate (Imperial)

310.0 GPM,440.0 GPM,500.0 GPM,350.0 GPM,85.0 GPM

Flow Rate (Metric)

11.4 Liter per Minute

Flow Rate (lpm)

321.8 Liter per Minute, 1,893 Liter per Minute, 1,325 Liter per Minute

Gasket/O-ring Material

Nitrile, EPR, Silicone, Fluorocarbon



Maximum Operating Pressure

50 psid @ 68°F

Maximum Operating Pressure

3.4 bar @ 20°C

Maximum Operating Temperature

71 ℃, 82 ℃

Maximum Operating Temperature

160 ℉, 180 ℉

Micron Rating

10 Absolute, @ 95%, 2 Absolute, @ 95%, 40 Absolute, @ 95%, 25 Absolute, @ 95%, 5 Absolute, @ 95%, 1 Absolute, @ 95%, 15 Absolute, @ 95%, 70 Absolute, @ 95%, 1 μm, 70 μm, 60 Absolute, @ 95%, 20 Absolute, @ 95%, 20 μm, 15 μm, 5 μm

Pleat Type


Product Form


Product Series

High Flow

Product Type

Cartridge, Filter Cartridge


3M™ High Flow Series

Units per Case



Dimensions and Classifications

Overall Diameter (Imperial)

6.5 in, 6 in

Overall Diameter (Metric)

16.5 cm, 15.24 cm

Overall Length (Imperial)

10 in, 60 in, 40 in

Overall Length (Metric)

25.4 cm, 152.4 cm, 101.6 cm



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